Villages among the most beautiful ones in France
The villages of Baume-les-Messieurs and Château-Châlon have the label « Most beautiful villages in France ». Located close to one of the famous Jura blind valley, surrounded by 100m high cliffs, those villages with stone houses will win you over.
Vouglans Lake
With its 35km long and 450m large, Vouglans Lake is the third biggest artificial lake in France. With its astonishing dam and its incredible views points, Vouglans is a pure diamond for the aquasports lovers.
Bonlieu Lake
This little lake in the middle of a forest valley is one of picturesque in Jura. Its 700m long and 300m large offer good waters frequented by fishes. The village of Bonlieu is also one of the departure points to visit the Hérisson Waterfalls.
Comté Cheese Cooperatives
Impossible to speak about Jura without speaking about Comté, famous cheese of the region. Visit the cheese factories in the villages of Thoiria, Grande-Rivière, les Rousses, etc. and bring back home some kilos of this delicious cheese.
Toys Museum in Moirans-en-Montagne
This museum, filled with one of the biggest collection in Europe, will please kids as well as grown-ups.
Lakes Region
The Lakes Region is located in the center of Jura and is characterized by the amount of natural lakes. Approximately 15 lakes of glacial origin are waiting for you in winter and summer, to offer you refreshing landscapes.
Pic de l’Aigle 4 Lakes Lookout
In the 1820’s years, the french author Charles Nodier was seduced by this site which he gave the name of “Little Scotland”. Surrounded by limestone walls, laying in the fields or the forest, each lake by its colour, light or personality reminds us of Scotland or Canada. 4 Lakes Lookout (in the village of Chaux-du-Dombief) allow you to see 4 lakes at the same time : Ilay, Narlay, Big and Little Maclu.
Laughing Cow Museum
The Laughing Cow Museum is made to answer all your questions : how the Laughing Cow is born ? Why is it laughing ? What is it made of ? How did it become so famous ? With the interactive way for kids, the movies and the old times memories, the Laughing Cow Museum is the most visited museum in Jura.
Jura vineyards
Labeled « Vineyards and Discoveries » in 2011, the Jura vineyard regroups several wine-producing villages where you can find Yellow Wine or Vin de Paille, such as whites and reds with character. Have a break for a tasting in one of the 135 wineries.
Hérisson Waterfalls
It’s the most visited and remarkable naturel site in Jura. With its 7 waterfalls and the most famous 65m high Eventail Waterfall, Hérisson Waterfalls is a wonderful 3 hours walk in the heart of Jura nature.
Fort des Rousses
Discover in a well arranged military fort, the cheese cellars of Comtés Juraflore and the history of one of the greatest cheese in France. To finish well the visit, experience the thrill of the via ferrata alongside the fort.
Jura Mountains
Far from the crowd and stress of the big ski resorts, You’ll find in Jura Mountains calm, softness, goodness and security all year long. This is the best place to enjoy to discover mountain activities with your family: first steps in the snow for the little ones, first time with skis on your feet, first snow-walk… with the bonus of wonderful views of the Mont Blanc and Léman Lake in Swiss.
Great Saline of Salins-les-Bains
Listed as Unesco World Heritage since 2009, the Great Salines of Salins-les-Bains, such as all the salines in Franche-Comté region, was using the salt water sources as first material. Salt, the “white gold”, was obtained by natural evaporation compared with salt marshes. Salins du Jura owes its reputation and its power from the Middle Age, thanks to the salt it exploits and sells.